Lampedusa and The Rabbit Island

Lampedusa is another beautiful Italian island which you can visit during your vacation. This amazing island is part of Pelagie archipelago and you can find it on the map between Malta and Tunisia. The island geographically is situated in Africa, but belongs to Italy. It is part of the region of Sicily, one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Lampedusa is located in the heart of the Mediterranean and the island is the favorite place of many people for perfect and amazing vacation. The sunny weather, the soft sand and the blue lagoons can easy make you relaxed and forget about the daily stress. The island is not so large and life on the island is really calm and slow.

There are many wonderful landscapes on the island which you will remember for sure. Due to the dry climate and the hilly terrain, the flora of the island is not rich enough, but you can see there many beautiful palm, citrus and olive trees. Lampedusa is well known and visited place because of its extraordinary blue lagoons.

The rabbit island orIsola dei Conigli, which is located close to Lampedusa is another beautiful place which you can visit during your holiday. It is one of the last places on earth where you can see the large turtle Caretta caretta. The animal is protected species and it is great to see such a rare animal. You can also see many mantle fishes and dolphins.

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