La Sagra del Pesce

La Sagra del Pesce or the fish festival is held in Camogli, Liguria in the province of Genoa in northern Italy. The festival is celebrated every year on the second sunday of the month of May. It is an unmissable event that was first held in 1952 to celebrate the patron saint of fishermen, San Fortunato.

A mega fish fry-up is held every second Sunday of May in the Piazza Colombo which is in a charming old marina. At first the fish was fried in 6 small pans. These were soon replaced by a single large skillet as the popularity of the festival grew. This large skillet has now become the symbol of the festival.

The size of the frying pan used nowadays is 4 meters in diameter with a 6 meters handle. It’s made of stainless steel, weighs 28 tons and has a capacity of 2000 litres! The first 2 gigantic pans used are displayed on the wall of the street Largo Simonetti.

Scaffolding is erected in the Piazza Colombo and fish is lowered into the giant pan in special frying baskets from the scaffolding. The fish is then available to the public. The ambience of La Sagra del Pesce is filled with fun, fabulous aroma and cheerful people.

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