Citta Alta – Bergamo

Bergamo in Northern Italy is less than 1 hour northeast of Milan and has been living quietly at the edge of the Alps for more than 2,000 years. Bergamo is a town that consists of 2 distinct parts – Citta Bassa or the lower city and the Citta Alta, the old upper city and historic centre which is full of beautiful medieval and Renaissance buildings.
Citta Alta is the foremost site to see in the city. Located atop a soaring mountain to the north of the lower section of Bergamo, Citta Alta is renowned for its elegant, spacious plazas and narrow, bustling cobblestone alleys. Narrow and winding cobblestone streets are to be found everywhere inside the city walls. Once inside the Porta San Alessandro, one of the 4 gates around the ancient wall, a walk along Via Colleoni is highly recommended as it leads to the magnificent Piazza Vecchia.
This plaza is surrounded by impressive buildings with the Fontana di Alvise Contarini fountain positioned at its centre. The Palazzo Della Ragione, or municipal palace is also located here with a magnificent bell tower to its right. Between these two buildings is an archway which leads to Piazza Duomo, home to the gorgeous Santa Maria Maggiore and Bergamo’s Cathedral, as well as the Colleoni Chapel and baptistery.
Gaze up at the edifices of Citta Alta’s many churches as you take a leisurely walk through the numerous archways and passages that form this wonderfully preserved glimpse into a bygone Italy. It is a pleasurable walk as you get enticed by the beauty of the edifices. It is suggested that you hire a car to take you to Bergamo, if you are out on a holiday in other places of Italy. Renting a car is actually the best solution as it offers independence from fixed bus and train schedules as well as from the random transportation hassles that might tend to occur when travelling to the tourist attractions from all the places in Italy. You will be able to move from one place to the next at your leisure.
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