Christmas Nativity Scenes in Sicily

Head to south of Sicily, Italy if you wish to find a place with loads of Italian Christmas traditions but and much milder weather. Next to the Neapolitans in terms of their fondness for the Nativity scene, Sicilians erect elaborate Nativities everywhere, from public squares to churches to private homes, including a living Nativity in a cave near Trapani. In other words, locals dress up and re-enact the Nativity daily from Christmas Eve through the Epiphany.

On Christmas Eve, you’ll also see big bonfires in many towns, and this is also the night that marks the start of the holiday feasting. It won’t be balmy enough to hang out on Sicily’s gorgeous beaches, but you’ll get the festive atmosphere and avoid most of the cold, damp weather found on the mainland.

You must check out the nativity scenes that are locally put up and also cherish the festivities happening in Italy during the Christmas season. It is a good idea to hire a car to move around and witness the Italian way of celebrating Christmas.

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