Catacombs of the Capuchins – An Eerie Affair!

The Catacombs of the Capuchins in Palermo, Sicily, is one tourist attraction that is entirely unique. People were originally laid to rest here in the late 16th century and when it was observed that these bodies remained in a remarkable state of preservation, the catacombs became utilized as a burial place for nobles, clerics and local families. By the time it closed in the early 20th century it contained thousands of burials, a huge number of which remain ominously well-preserved.

Some aspects at this place can be quite interesting. The corpses are dressed in splendid clothes, now somewhat decayed, and occupy their own individual niches according to their social status. Many of the deceased wrote wills that specified the clothes in which to bury them, and some even asked to have their clothes changed over a period of time. Many corpses are still remarkably preserved and some give the impression of enjoying a joke with their deceased friends. Others are not in such good shape, with horribly contorted, creepy faces and missing parts like jaws and hands.

Today they provide a somewhat macabre tourist attraction as well as an extraordinary historical record. Visitors can wander through the complex and discover its grizly interior, but keep in mind that this is one experience which is not for the weak hearted.

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