Castello Sforzesco

Stone fortresses perched atop rocky hilltops, majestic palaces and romantic ruins – Italy’s cities and countryside are rife with castles testifying to its turbulent history. The range of castles, towers, battlements and ramparts date as far back as pre-Roman times, many having been restored to their original glory. Children and adults alike will thrill to the discoveries that castle adventures offer.

The impressive Castello Sforzesco, located in the center of Milan, dates back to the 14th century when it was the home of the powerful Sforza dukes who ruled Lombardy. Over time, the castle passed to foreign conquerors and went from palace to impregnable fortress. Today, the castle is Milan’s major art center, housing seven museums, including ancient and Renaissance art, musical instruments and furniture. The castle is an architectural masterpiece where visitors can easily spend a day just admiring the castle grounds, the restored architectural details and the gardens before venturing into these fascinating museums.

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