Bless Your Throat!

Saint Biago Day, February 3, is a minor celebration all over Italy. Saint Biago is the saint of the throat. It’s tradition to eat leftover panettone with a glass of wine to bless your throat. In some places, Saint Biago Day is celebrated with parades, music, a special mass, or bonfires.

In Mugnano di Napoli, near Naples, there’s a huge fireworks display as its the home of one of the biggest fireworks companies in Italy. What happens on that day is pretty peculiar, the tradition is to eat leftover of panettone, which is a cake you eat during Christmas, drinking a glass of wine to bless your throat. As it’s an old tradition, it’s mainly celebrated in South , Napoli, in Mugnano, with a huge fireworks display.

The parades and the celebrations are worth watching if you are on a holiday in Italy during this time of the year, that is in the first week of February. It is suggested that you hire a car to take you around and explore the place and the celebrations taking place there.

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