Best Gelato in Rome

Indulge in a magical mystery tour of Rome’s most celebrated ice cream parlours and marvel at the variety of gelato you are going to encounter in Rome. Hitting the ice cream parlour is a must for many tourists after dumping their luggage in a beautiful Rome apartment when first landing in Rome. Luckily, you don’t have to wonder far to find a picturesque piazza, bound to provide at least one ice cream parlour, with adults and children alike, buzzing around the counters of gelato.

Il Gelato di San Crispino which is near the Trevi Fountain, is said to serve the best Gelato in Rome. Although the ice cream served there isn’t very extravagant, it is of the highest standard, as the ice cream makers believe that pure ice cream served in a simple pot with a spoon is the best way to maintain the flavour. The two brothers who founded the shop are said to make the ice cream with with free range eggs and 20 year old Marsala and their most celebrated flavours are Pistachio, Chocolate with liqueur, and Zabaione.

One of the most popular and traditional ice cream parlours, Palazzo del Freddo Giovanni Fassi, west of the main train station on Via Principe Eugenio is said to be the oldest and largest ice-cream parlour in Italy. The Fassi business dates back to 1880, when it started as a commercial premises authorized to sell and serve beer. Now however, the shop has a nostalgic air of 1930s glamour, with newspaper clippings, a big cooler and vintage parlour chairs. Certainly a must see on the Italian ice cream authenticity tour.

Gelato lovers must check out the various flavors concocted and it would be a good idea to move around and check out at various places. You may hire a self driven car from Car Rental Italy to give you the freedom to check all the itineraries in Rome and while you are there you can sample the famous Italian gelatos.

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